This weeks treasure found I

A room or chest contains as listed


3,243 gp
mundane: disguise kit (50gp)
armor, mundane: medium masterwork light wooden shield (153gp)
armor, mundane: medium breastplate (200gp)
melee, mundane: medium masterwork longsword (315gp)
wand of cure light wounds (charges 13) (195gp)
Arcane scroll
gauntlets of ogre power
Gloves of Arrow Snaring
master work greatsword
glowing 1 whip
Ever burning tourch
+2 streagnth composite long bow
Wand of detect magic unlimited use
masterwork chape iinstument changing
remove disease potion
*ring to incouprealmen
*5 spells spell arcane
*5 cleric spells divination
*magical sphere
*stafrf of necromancy
*rod of light
Old Princess Tiara
Amulet of wisdom(

(Slyvaini only) Golden Hand: The gold that melted on his hand does not come off, and causes 2 points of damage(unless a standerd mage hand is used on his hand with a permanetcy and DC 30 Arcane check check made when ever a magic travels through or on the hand) whenever useing his hands for a two handed melee attack, a combat meunuvor, however gains +2 to bluff, and royalty checks and all +1 charisma score.
can not be taken off except by: a magic effect that would cause it to melt while not destorying, or insinratiing the skin under neath


This weeks treasure found I

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