lesser Staff of Manitanence

1d8+2 cold all magic affects that originate from holder it is expanded, or effect is increased by +2

weapon (melee)

2 range, and lasting effects. +2 cold dmg. Crit slowed until end of your next turn. 1d82cold melee. 2-handed, with proficientcy it is one handed. Implament for classes that use Arcane, Religoin, Mystic, and Primal as their power source(s).

basic melee atk 1d8+2 cold+str mod. KeyWords: cold, quarter staff

current holder Strialia the Hamadryad


Crafted by long passed elf whothat was entitled to protect a gardern against flaming bats, and elemental in a underground cave with biolumenescence stones. The gardens provided enough light to grow food, and enough food, and feed to fill an armyg during the last war with the Dragonborn, and their allies. Sadly with age the staff has lost it’s power. Becoming an echo of what it once was.

lesser Staff of Manitanence

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