Exploding Staff of Flame

Designed like a flint lock that causes the mace like end to explode out-ward in a cone shape, when hit against a target or ground if the weilder so chooses


the msce ends maybe rebuilt with diffrennt substences when replaced examples are: holy water acid, poisin, flamable liquied that will ignite from the gunpoweder explosion equal to the power of a normal fire breath attack 1d8+str mace end, the explosion(force) 1d6+(5 fire damage)(3 holy water(evil/incopreal only)+2 fire)(1 poison(wounded cheatures damage increases chance they will become under effects of the poison(determined by damage taken divided by their lvl out of ten(wounds 15/3rd level=5(50% chance to poisen roll percentile die(s))))) + 2 fire)

Onced used the mace end can be used as a long spear, or a double staff with +1 increased die size due to the remaining spear head. If one side has exploded, and the other has not there is a -3 to hit due to an imbalance weapon(Master work can reduce this penalty by 1)


Exploding Staff of Flame

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