saving home world

The Meeting
The Begining

The sayter(bard) and pixie(driud work togeather to try to get the hamadryad(rogue?/shamon?) to notice the Surreptimus Penitron. In return for helping bard. he has promised pixie that he will write\play 3 story to be writen about her/to help him be togeather with a lover. The Hamadryad is with the half-elf and Mi’neer.

Surreptimus Penitron greets the 3 durring their, travals and offers his help to be with the Hamadryad. Slyvain being intimmadated by the Minotaur hids behind Surreptimus Penitron. Everyone is introdused, and the Hamadryad explains her plite. Explaining that her tree she’s connected to is being threated, by a scaled humanoid that seems to be gaurding 2 undead enchanters, in charge of a group of elf looking creatures humanoid by nature.

Perplexed the Pixie Pipes up could it be a Dragonborn, or a Lizard-kind?

The Hamadryad replied: If i hadn’t see it i would say that’s imposible but whatever it was it was too bulky for a Lizard-kind, maybe a Dragonborn, however there are no records of a
Dragonborn for near a century.

Surreptimus Penitron I’ll help your cause fair Maiden.

The Hamadryad retorts: Then let’s go we need to get there before they kill me, through my tree.

Upon arrival just out side the new clearing they find 2 darkly clothed druids, 12 strong humans cutting down the forest, and a large strong Dragonborn weilding a bow staff with a spell enhancer in the middlewitch can can blow through(increasing his fire breath attack).
Succeded: Stealth check 16 or higher: they arn’t detected by the humans or other beings

Crit. Success: Deplomacy check 18-19 talk to convince him not to scream or tell his supiorers 20 he keeps quite.
we cound out he was holding them captured, and didn’ know where they were, becausde they came through portals

Surreptimus Penitron goes out and tries to diplomacy to stop their efforts before the nature check to see saporling that would make the wall of vines.
If behind the saporling stumps a wall of vines and branches form from the saporling that stretch for as far as you can tell(unknown to the player the ground just became difficult).

You all begin to hear the sound of chanting from the druids start, and the axes stop hitting trees as the humans back slowly towards the dragonborn, and druids. The Dragonborn toward the wall but stands back 6 squares from the wall and 8 away from the 1 or the other druids.
break down the wall, then fight the dragonborn

Dragonborn stats:
HP125 attacks:
Dc:15 at-wil:wacking with staff: 2 reach 1d8+2 cold, slowed on crit., loses staff when knocked prone
str:16 (cold)breath-1d10 ray 5 with staff you’re slowed, without 1d6 ray 3
ref:12 tail swipe- only when prone 1d8+2 and stands
wil:18 claws-1d6 1d8 crit.

After getting through the vines and trading melee blows that miss back and forth Surreptimus Penitron fires his short bow, and rolls to hit and damage is increase by the Hamadryad turns. She also sumons 3 minion birds with 10 hp to attack the dragon born only one hit, all die due to a chilled flame breath attack that i had due a burst 1.

Slyvain tryed to grapple as a bat, but ran into his chilling staff, then went after a robed undead there after.

After a Stunning hit with Surreptimus Penitron bow the nearly killed the Dragonborn, but Lia decided to save him instead. Giveing him above 0 hp, and temp. hp stenching the blood flow from the deadly wound.

Portals open behind every creature on round 15(descoverd by Surreptimus Penitron through his knowloge of arcana. The last knocked Pron undead crwled through the portal when he finished. The hamadryad hadn’t noticed the portal, and nearly triped, when Surreptimus Penitron tried to catch her from falling, she only pushed to try and get away wrongfully assumeing he’d do what ever he pleased with her. Only continue to fall through the portal, realizing her mistake, she broke a heart, and tossed it to the Eldrain who is realy a Satyr, only she noticed. The portal closed. After a few sentinces of asking the barely alive Dragonborn where the portals lead, telling them it could be anywehere since one enchanter died. Surreptimus Penitron jumped through his portal to try and save her. The portals closed 2 rounds after the enchanter entered without anyone else going through. After long deiliberation the group and insults to humans the Dragonborn joined the Group to get back to his world.

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